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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Break out the Crazy Carpet!

    Good morning everyone! I have to admit I’m a little sleepy this morning after big shopping yesterday, and I’m a little lazy — so I stole my producer Brandon’s morning weather note to give you the latest details on the progress of that nasty storm which moves into the northeast today! I personally can’t wait to see if the local forecasters are right with their 2-5 inch predictions here in NYC! My husband doesn’t believe we’ll see that much…(his method of prediction is just: “being from Brooklyn!”)

    Do they give out weather seals for those who live in Brooklyn? haha! It will depend on how much rain/sleet/freezing stuff we get to knock down those totals. The local stations are going CRAZY with this storm, and the new one just around the corner that could bring lots and lots of snow depending on the exact track of the weekend Nor’Easter!

    Ok – so here’s what Brandon wrote this am: (and if you want to see a picture of cute Brandon – check out my “Introducing Brandon Blog”:)


    Low pressure will move along a boundary from the Ohio Valley to the New England coast by this evening, spreading abundant moisture across a cold surface air mass. Rain, freezing rain and sleet will fall from the Ohio to the New Jersey coast, while moderate to heavy snow will spread from Pennsylvania to New England by this evening. Snow will develop around Noon in the Connecticut Valley and spread east across Massachusetts in the early afternoon. The heaviest snow should fall quickly and have a major impact on the evening rush hour, and then taper off by late this evening.

    Philadelphia - Periods of rain and sleet after 9am. Snow may mix-in late tonight. Little or no snow accumulation expected.

    New York City – Winter Weather Advisory – Sleet and Snow through early afternoon, then transitioning to rain. Wintry mix late tonight as temperatures drop. Daytime sleet/snow accumulation 2-5 inches, larger accumulations north and west.

    Hartford – Heavy Snow Warning – Snow developing after Noon and continuing through tonight. 8-12 inches possible.

    Boston – Heavy Snow Warning – Snow developing after Noon and continuing through tonight. 5-10 inches possible.


    So if you live in these areas, do be careful on the roads today. Don’t travel if you don’t have to! Break out the crazy carpets instead!

    Do you guys know what crazy carpets are? In Canada we had these thin plastic sleds (which weren’t exactly the safest way to slide down the snow covered hills) Every kid had one for fast and easy sliding. Very cheaply made, easy to carry, and very very FAST! I found a picture of one:

    I miss crazy carpets! (Although I don’t miss the injuries)…Meanwhile, we have a big mama of a storm that could slam the northeast over the weekend too which we’ll continue to keep an eye on. I’m supposed to go on a little weekend road trip to the Hamptons so I’m personally hope the storm tracks a little more out to sea!

    Talk to you again soon! Time to make more coffee! JD

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