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Archive of the February 2008

  • Amazing Picture!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist


    Gwen writes this: 

    Since you like pictures so well, I thought I’d forward this one to you. My son, Nickolas Walton, is a member of Security Forces with the Mississippi Air National Guard, 186th Air Refueling Wing. His best friend, Chris Woods, is a boom operator on a refueler. This is a picture Chris took when the Thunderbirds were flying from Nellis AFB in Las Vegas to Daytona for the race weekend before last. Chris actually refueled each of their planes. How cool is that!!!

    I am so impressed Gwen!  And gorgeous clouds below I might add!  Thank you for sending for all of us to enjoy…

  • Got Snow?

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Spring will be a welcome sight for many people this year as winter has overstayed it’s welcome!   Many areas haven’t seen snow totals like this year in decades.  Back home in Canada, they are also smashing snow records.   Here’s a great article about how folks are sick of digging out, (and I’d love to hear from you about your experience with winter too!)


    Nick Brandfon takes advantage of an overnight winter storm that dumped several inches of fresh snow in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Charles Rex Arbogast

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  • Update

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    They just dismissed us…not sure why…  They didn’t pick any of us.  So strange.  Oh well.  At least it made the day go by quicker.  I did succumb to my chocolate craving.  I hate vending machines.  They are always so close and so inviting with their variety of chips, chocolate and other goodies.   I’m sleepy now.  Still have not seen snoring man from yesterday.  IPod lady has kept very quiet today – and the two love-birds are not in the same room with me anymore….hmmmm….:)

    I should be back to work tomorrow.   No more JD (Jury Duty) for JD!   I miss the weather.   Is anyone getting some snow or rain or thunder in their neighborhood?  Glad I remembered to bring my umbrella!  I wish I had one like this though.  Remember these clear plastic umbrellas?  I had one as a kid.  I loved it!  It had a yellow trim…I might be going stir-crazy now in this little room…


  • Lunch Break

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    I’m on lunch break until 2pm.  Wow.  Pretty intense.  There were 12 of us picked as a pool of alternate jurors.  We had to fill out the standard form – have you been sued, do you have any members in your family that work for the city…etc.  I was a little embarrassed when one of the lawyers said “Oh and we have a lady in here that has a very interesting job!  Miss Dean – tell the others what you do for a living!”…I turned 10 shades of red and then whispered “Uhhhh I’m weather lady on Fox News Channel…but please don’t blame me for the soggy ride home!”   A few people laughed nervously.  It was pretty uncomfortable.  Hasn’t anyone heard of right to privacy?  :)

    At any rate, during the questioning of all of us, I think I may have raised some doubt as to whether I might be a fair juror due to past experience and certain circumstances I have been in during my lifetime…I’m not even sure I can blog about the actual case?  Is there a lawyer out there that can tell me what I can and can’t disclose on the Weather Machine Blog?  :)

    I am starving, so I’m going to head downstairs and get a naughty bagel and cream cheese with a large coffee.   It’s been interesting to say the least.  Oh – and back in the little room that I was in earlier, there seems to be some strong flirtations between a tall attractive guy and a short slim blonde girl since I was gone.  He even offered her his orange.  Awwwww!  I swear I could write a one-act play on this experience over the last few days! 

    Thanks to everyone who is rooting for me!  I appreciate your support.



  • I got picked!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Ugh!  I am in the jury room right now.  We just filled out a form asking us questions like are we close to or know anyone who works for the City..thankfully my husband does, so maybe this will help me out.  As a hobby I wrote:  music, movies and BLOGGING!  Think that might work for me?  HA!  I will let you know how it goes.   I suppose everything is an experience to learn from — so I’ll try to be optimistic about this.  I can’t believe they called my name out of 100 people.  Do you think working in broadcasting might help or hurt me?   Ok.  I think I really need to eat some chocolate now.  The lady next to me gave me some gum – that might hold me off the hard stuff.


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