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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • MS 150 Bike Race

    Hi everyone!

    I wanted to share a great story with you that happened a few weeks ago when I first went public with my MS.  I received  so many amazing letters, comments, emails from so many people who gave me such overwhelming support and good wishes.  I never imagined the outpouring of support that I still receive on a daily basis. 

    One of the emails I received was from Scott Saldinger who works at one of our Fox O & O stations in Dallas.  He has been riding in the MS 150 bike race for 7 years, and is training to complete the race again in May.  Here’s part what he wrote:

    Dear Janice,

    You don’t know me but I work here in Dallas at our O&O station. I wanted to reach out and tell you how courageous you are for sharing with everyone. I have been riding MS150’s for 7 tours now and have a goal of completing enough to reach the distance from coast to coast. When I began I had never known anyone with MS, but since then I have become an advocate for the MS Society and the work they do.  I will be riding in the upcoming MS150 Frisco to Ft. Worth ride in May, and then again in October from San Antonio to Corpus. It would be an honor to ride for you if you would like. I could send you a Pedal Partner Bandanna to sign. I will ride with it and then send it back to you.  I have had the opportunity to ride for a fair number of people who now live with MS every day. Some who have responded well and live almost perfectly normal lives, and others whose lives have been changed dramatically by MS. It is my hope that we can find the answer to this puzzle sooner than later for this complex disease. Take pride and do what you can with the power of your voice to help people understand MS and to support the fight for research and development. The louder we shout, the more who will listen.  


    You can just imagine how flattered I was to read this, and I am honored that Scott will be riding on behalf of myself and the hundreds of thousands of others who share this crazy, unpredictable illness.  I’ve told Scott to send us pictures and keep us up to date on his training.  He also included a few pictures of last year’s race for you to see.  And, here’s the link to the race:



    Go Scott!



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