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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • The Eagles, thunderstorms, and SEX!

    Good morning everyone (did I get you with that title? Eagles, Thunderstorms and SEX? HAHA! Read on to find out more…)

    The Eagles were awesome last night. I’ve seen them 3 or 5 times over the last decade or so (I freaked out when they reunited in the 90s because I never got to see them when they came to my hometown in the 70’s…I was a little young for concerts) One of my first jobs out of school was a Classic Rock DJ on our local radio stations, and that’s when I discovered my love of the Eagles. I bought every album, book, magazine and was just obsessed with them. So when they announced a reunion tour back in the 90s, I couldn’t believe my luck. At any rate, they are still my favorite band, and despite the fact that some of them have enormous egos, I forget about that when I listen to them play.

    Fox News Channel made an appearance at the concert, by the way. Don Henley’s song Dirty Laundry is all about tabloid television, so in back of the band on a huge screen they played a montage of all the cable news outlet shows and some of the networks as well. They seemed to like showing pics of the ladies on “The View” quite a bit and some choice fight scenes from “The Jerry Springer Show” – and they definitely had a bulls-eye on the Cable News opinion shows. Ah well. It was definitely entertaining despite seeing some of my colleagues as targets for Don Henley’s musical opinions about what’s on the tv-box.

    The guys played for close to 2 and a half hours! A lot of stuff off their new album which I really like, and some classics too. Joe Walsh stole the show as usual – and everyone sounded better than ever. Despite Don Henley’s arrogance, he still remains my favorite. I love watching him sing and play the drums at the same time. Now that’s talent! (I can only think of him and Phil Collins who do this seemingly effortlessly) The band got to showcase a few of their solo hits outside of the Eagles which I was impressed with.

    We had very good seats (I broke down and paid top price for floor seats) but of course my husband and I got stuck sitting in front of very drunk, very annoying group of people that were trying to re-live their 20s. One guy was so loud I had to contain my temper not to scream at him to shut his yap. I paid 200 bucks a piece for these tickets, and this loudmouth was ruining my night out!! My hubby was trying to control his Irish/Italian temper throughout the evening when the band took a break between sets. Thankfully once the Eagles started to play, his drunk, annoying voice was drowned out (but not entirely silenced!) His girlfriend/wife was equally annoying moving up into our row and dancing in front of us. I politely told her to move her bootie to another aisle. I don’t mind people dancing, but when they are totally drunk, out of control crazies that have no regard for other people – that’s when I let them know to move it out of my view. She was not happy.

    So, I give the band a 9 out of 10…and the concert experience a 2 out of 10. It’s too bad that some people are ignorant — or as my husband pointed out just plain selfish. Am I getting to old to tolerate stuff like this? I just want my entertainment to be stress-free! Especially when I’m forking out 400 clams for 2 people!

    Ok, I digress…In weather news, New York City is under a “moderate” risk for severe weather today which is pretty rare to see. We could get some isolated tornadoes across the northeast! I’m a little excited about this prospect, but of course I will be enjoying the storms from inside my apartment in my pajamas.

    Tomorrow I am going to see Sex and the City movie which is one of my favorite shows. The one and only television box set I own is the pink-felt special edition HBO Sex and the City. That show used to cheer me up living as a single, career focused lady when it was a weekly series on HBO (that and the Sopranos made my weekend nights much more exciting) When I lived in Houston, I even had my own little group of girlfriends like the ladies in SATC. It was just so much fun and really touched upon single gal issues. So, I am also excited about this little outing as well – and it only cost me 24 bucks instead of 400! :) I am a little nervous to see what kind of riff-raff will be sitting in front and in back of my seats in the movie theater, as ladies can sometimes be 10 times more annoying then drunk middle-aged men…wait did I just say that? :) haha.

    Alright, that’s all for now! I hope you don’t mind my little stories and rants! Have a great weekend everyone, be safe and keep chatting with one another! Cheers!


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