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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Crazy, dangerous weather for last day of 2010!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone.  We’ve got a nasty (and now deadly) storm that’s causing major problems for our last day of 2010. It’s blizzard conditions from the Plains up through the Midwest on the “cold side” of this system, and the risk for severe thunderstorms including tornadoes for the Central U.S and across the Mississippi River Valley on the “warm side”.   We’ve heard reports of tornadoes and unfortunately deaths in Northwest Arkansas overnight due to a line of volatile storms.  The damage is extensive.  Such a tragedy on a day when everyone is excited for celebration.  I’m afraid this weather is going to continue for a big chunk of the south up into the Midwest though the afternoon, evening and overnight.  Here’s a look at the “bullseye” for strong to severe storms:

    Ahead of the cold front, we’ve got very warm unstable air while behind the frontal system, bitterly cold dangerous temperatures with fierce winds. Blizzard warnings are up from Wyoming through Nebraska, the Dakotas and into Minnesota:

    The West gets a brief break, but another storm from the Pacific will be rolling in this weekend over California including Los Angeles.

    A good piece of news is New York City is going to enjoy a picture perfect New Years Eve with mainly clear skies and 38 degrees around midnight.

    Here’s a peak at what you can expect across the country tonight:



    And thanks to all of you who continue to keep this blog fun and exciting for another year.  We’ve had a few grumpy people now and then, but I’m glad we continue to keep this place an upbeat and encouraging forum. 

    Have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve.  I’m in tomorrow morning bright and early, so I’ll be heading to bed with little Matthew tonight.   I’ve had a great 2010, and lots to be thankful for.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2011! :)


  • Blizzard conditions for the West

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone.   Happy “Eve” before New Year’s Eve!  Do any of you have big plans?  I have to work all day tomorrow and then again on New Years Day, so I’m going to be in bed as early as possible!  Weather here in New York is going to be great – above the freezing mark with mainly clear skies for Bill and Megyn’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza!   I’ll be waking up to do Fox and Friends as they both head home do get to bed!

    We’ve got some pretty wicked weather over the West.   Snowfall across the Rockies could top 3 feet in some spots.  Colorado will see the first significant snow this season. Believe it or not Denver has only seen 1-2 inches of snow so far. Typically they should have a couple of feet by this time!  Blizzard warnings are up for parts of AZ, New Mexico, Wyoming and Nebraska.  Temperatures will be below average for much of the region.

    A warm up across the East will help melt the snow from the weekend’s blizzard today. We’re expecting above average temperatures through the weekend.  Across the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley some icy precipitation is falling, so freezing rain advisories are up as a precaution.

    Some rain and isolated thunderstorms will pop up across the Gulf Coast up into the Tennessee Valley. Tomorrow we could see some strong storms over the Lower Mississippi Valley that could bring severe weather including tornadoes as the storm pushes east.   This won’t be great news for folks across the South wanting to ring in the New Year outside!

    The Midwest and Central U.S will see mainly rain as a storm from the West pushes in, but the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest will see mainly snow and possibly blizzard conditions this afternoon through the night.

    And have you guys seen this?  An amazing time lapse photography of this weekend’s blizzard!  It’s unbelievable!

    Ok, that’s about it for now.  Lunchtime approaches!  :)


  • Another storm for the weary West...

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Oh man!  Another storm for the weary West with rain, snow and wind yet again for the region. 1-3 feet of snow will fall across the mountains, and while rainfall amounts will be much less than we saw last week– concerns of flooding, mudslides and debris flows continue as the ground is saturated. 

    Winds will make things difficult for travel with gusts of up to 80 mph. Blizzard warnings are up for the mountains of New Mexico, Washington and Idaho. 

    This western storm will eventually push into the Central U.S tomorrow and Friday and then the eastern half of the country through the weekend, so some folks will have to get out their umbrellas for New Years Eve celebrations! 

    The Northeast is thankfully quiet, but still breezy with northwest winds over New England. Temperatures are going to warm up over the next few days which will help melt the mounds of snow from our weekend blizzard event.

    Across the South,  we have moisture pulling up from the Gulf of Mexico bringing rain and some isolated thunderstorms over parts of Texas, Arkansas and over the Mississippi Valley.  Some spots could get 1-2 inches of rain – which they ultimately need.   And a warm up across the south and the southeast will be welcome news for Florida and states like Georgia and the Carolinas that have dealt with some very cold temperatures.

    And, you know how we love to show off your weather pictures on Fox News Channel!   I showed these two on Happening Now just a few minutes ago:

    This one was sent in from Tom of Franklin Square, NY!  A pretty wacky scene featuring a truck getting stuck near JFK Airport off the Rockaway Turnpike.  Somehow this cab got involved, and got lodged underneath the truck!   A little too close for comfort…

    And Lynn from Port Chester New York sent this one of her neighbors making the best of the BIG SNOW in her area!  That snowman is bigger than the SUV!

    You can send us your weather pics by heading to

    I gotta say I’m very glad warmer weather and rain is going to help melt some of this snow, because it might be the only way some of us will see our streets cleaned up here in New York.   I don’t usually get on a soap-box, but New York officials did a pretty poor job in responding to this huge storm.  Streets are still piled with snow and mass transit is still a mess.  Such a disappointment from the most populated city in the Country…

    That’s all for now!  Is it lunchtime yet?  YES IT IS!  YAY!


  • Still digging out in the Northeast

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    The blizzard of Dec 2010 is gone…what’s left are winds, blowing snow and cold air.  The real blustery winds will be across eastern New England this afternoon.  And the good news is we have a warm up coming later this week, which means great news for party-goers this year in Times Square to ring in the New Year.  Don’t forget to watch Megyn and Bill’s coverage here on FOX News Channel!) :) YAY!

    Like millions of other people here in the Northeast, I had a tough time getting into work this morning.  I had to call a local taxi service at 2am to be at work for Fox and Friends.  Thank goodness the driver was from Albany where you learn how to drive in winter weather right out of the womb!  LOL.  Mass transit is still a mess, and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to make it home yet!

    My mom and brother are here, and looks like they may be spending another night here in NYC.   It’s so frustrating when you want to get back home and you just have no control over your circumstances.  The delays at the airport are crazy!  Take a look (as of 12 pm eastern time):

    The West is, unfortunately going to see another round of storms with rain and mountain snow from Washington to Central California.   Heavy rain and snow will push southward into southern California tonight and tomorrow which means more fears for floods across the region.

    The southeast  is dry and clear, but chilly with another morning record lows for Florida!  This is the third hard freeze this month for the “sunshine state”!

    Ok that’s all I’ve got for now.  I didn’t get much sleep last night since I was nervous I would snore right through the alarm…I ended up waking up at midnight and watching TV while I tried to find a cab to get me to work to relieve Maria’s marathon weather broadcast!  She did a great job, and is finally getting some much-deserved time off!

    Be safe everyone!


  • Stranded on Long Island because of the "Snow-mess Express!"

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone! 

    Well, I knew it was bad…but not this bad!  I am supposed to work today, but unless I start walking, I’m stuck in Long Island.  No mass transit – no cars/taxis on the roads.  My family from Canada were supposed to leave today, but all of the airports are shut down.   This blizzard goes down as one of the top 5 worst in NYC in terms of snow totals.  Parts of New Jersey measured close to 30 inches!  Central Park saw 13 inches.  When my husband went to clear the driveway last night, he said it was one of the worst storms he’s ever been through.  Hurricane force winds have knocked power out to thousands in the area as well.  The pressure of this storm at its peak was similar to what you would see in a Cat 2 Hurricane!

    Our Meteorologist Maria Molina has been working almost non-stop this weekend,  so send her some love and positive energy when you see her on-air.  I’m gong to try and get in there as soon as I can so she can get home and sleep!  She has done a great job covering this storm.

    And I see they’re already trying to “name” this blizzard.  We’ve had “snowmageddon”, “snowpocalypse”…someone mentioned “Brrrcast”  but I like the “Snow-mess Express!”  What do you think?  I came up with it last night when I was listening to the 60 mph hour winds blow through my neighborhood.   The storm started in California (bringing extreme rain, snow last week) then travelled across the country messing up the south with Christmas Day snow (some areas hadn’t seen snow on Christmas Day since the 1800s!) and now it’s messing us all up in the Northeast!

    Let me know how all of you are doing.  If I wasn’t 8 months pregnant, I probably would’ve started walking into work already!


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