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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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    Hi everyone!

    Well, a quiet end to an unbelievably busy first week back to work.   I am going to enjoy this weekend with my boys.  I must admit there were a few tears off (and on) camera, but everyone was extremely nice and supportive here.   I will say I’m hugging and kissing Matthew and Teddy (and Sean too) a little more these days.

    Thankfully, we are finally seeing this past week’s deadly destructive round of storms exiting the coast today.  We still have a “slight risk” for severe weather across the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Maine.   Hail, strong winds and isolated tornadoes are possible along with heavy downpours.   Temperatures will remain above average ahead of the cold front associated with this system while behind the boundary, temperatures will be cooler, but drier.

    The heat is on across the South with temperatures soaring up to 100 degrees in parts of Texas!  A new storm across the Northern Plains will bring some isolated thunderstorms while the Northwest will be unsettled.  Folks in the southwest will see sunshine but windy conditions. 

    A look ahead to your Memorial Day forecast:  Much of the country should be fairly quiet.  The Northern tier will see some scattered storms from Wyoming to Nortern Minnesota.  Parts of the High Plains could see some a few isolated thunderstorms.  The southeast should be rain free, but hot and humid.  And unseasonably cool for much of the west, but dry for most.  Here’s a look at the weather map for holiday Monday:


    I’m working on Monday, so I’ll check back in to see what you guys are up to.  Thank you again for all your support and kind words this week.  It was tough at times, but it helped reading all of your comments!

    And our friend Margie sent us a really great picture of lightning she caught during some storms in her area – take a look:

    Awesome Margie!

    Have a great weekend!!


A.J. De Young

Good morning, JD we know you will have a wonderful weekend with your 3 guys, next week should be easier we hope..Good news Don, hope that is the last visit for a long while..Margie that pictures is awesome and frightening, glad you had no damage and thank you to all our troops who keep us safe at home and remember the scrafice of the ones who won't be able to celebrate with their loved ones...sadly more this week were lost. AJ

May 27, 2011 at 12:29 pm

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