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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Beryl hangs on, strong storms for the NE and Central Plains

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hello everyone!

    Hope you all had a great weekend!   My husband took Matthew to a Memorial Day Parade in the neighborhood and I stayed home with Theodore because it was so hot outside!  We’ve got a pretty powerful cold front that will charge through the northeast today and drop temperatures bigtime!  With that though, we could see the threat for some pretty nasty storms late today and tonight.

    We could also see some strong to severe storms across the Central Plains today.  Large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes swill be a risk. 

    Tomorrow, the risk will be much stronger in these regions – so the Storm Prediction Center has issued a moderate risk for parts of Oklahoma and Kansas: 

    Meantime,  Tropical Depression Beryl continues to bring heavy rain across North Florida and the Southeast coast. 

    An additional 3-6″ is possible over the next 36 hours.  Beryl is forecast to slowly moves to the east and quickly out to sea by late Wednesday.  Once over water Beryl may regain Tropical Storm status, but will be passing the Outer Banks of North Carolina, well on its way out to sea by then:

    And Margie sent some pretty great pictures she took of “extreme weather” in her area the other night.    Have a look…and we could see a repeat performance of these scenes tonight in the Northeast and Plains!  Thanks Margie!

    Be safe everyone!  Talk to you soon!



    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone

    Great time for a Cute Break.  I need it this morning! 

    This is Gwen’s new puppy Roxie!

    Love the fun comments on the blog BTW!  LOL!

    Have a great long weekend everyone!  I’m working this weekend (Fox and Friends!) so be sure to tune in if you’re up!  You can tweet me: @janicedeanfox


  • NOAA releases their annual predictions...

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    A busy day in the Fox Weather Center.  NOAA has released their annual hurricane predictions…and there is a good chance we could see tornadoes this afternoon across the Upper Midwest. 

    Let’s get to the more imminent concern, and that the threat for severe weather.  The yellow shaded area shoes the risk for showers and thunderstorms – while the red bulls eye is where we think there is the greatest risk for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes:

    As for the hurricane numbers, pretty average…however it only takes one bad hurricane to make it a busy year…Andrew was the first “named” storm of the year – it came in August (later in the season) and was a Cat 5 that roared into South Florida.

    Speaking of Florida, we are watching a cluster of thunderstorms that could get a name this weekend and affect parts of the southeast coast!  Since we are heading into a long Memorial Day weekend, and folks are thinking about beach plans, it would be a good idea to keep track of this system in the next few days.

    Here’s a look at where we typically see tropical activity this time of year:

    And a few stats:

    In the Pacific, Hurricane Bud is strengthening comes very close to the Western coast of Mexico:

    Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy weekend for us weather-types!  I’ll be up bright and early for Fox and Friends First and Fox and Friends weekend Saturday and Sunday!  

    Hope you’re all having a great day!


  • Race to Erase MS Gala...what an amazing event!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi again!

    I had a FANTASTIC time in Los Angeles this weekend.    The Race to Erase MS Gala was incredible.  Over a thousand people came to help raise funds and awareness Friday night, and we had a fantastic panel on Saturday afternoon that featured doctors and people like myself living with Multiple Sclerosis.  I left feeling very optimistic about the future after hearing some of the amazing research that is being done and the new treatments coming out in the next few years.  We are very close to having a reliable oral medication as opposed to the injectable drugs most patients are on, and it’s also getting easier to diagnose people with MS with the quality of MRIs that are being done.  20 years ago we didn’t have any therapies on the market, and now there are several different medications to help people live a more productive life despite having been diagnosed with MS.

    Nancy Davis is the amazing woman who puts this Gala together every year.   She was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago, but does not let he disease stop her.  She skis, plays tennis, has a black belt in karate, exercises, and travels, living her life to the fullest.  Not to mention being a mom to five children.  She’s also an author and dedicated philanthropist.    This is a picture of Nancy with myself and my good friend Neera who came with me on the trip as my date!  (My wonderful husband stayed home with my boys so I could do the trip)

    I met Demitrius Omphroy who made history in Major League Soccer last year after becoming the first athlete living with Multiple Sclerosis to have ever competed in the MLS.   He is a true inspiration, and tours the country to speak with people that have MS.

    David Osmond brought tears to my eyes telling his story of living with MS.   He’s the son of Alan Osmond (of the famous Osmond Brothers).  He has two beautiful children and an amazing wife that help keep him strong and healthy.   Our stories of living with and coping with MS are very similar.   David has dedicated himself to raising awareness and resources for non-profit charities over the last several years.

    I also met William Dean Singleton who is the Chairman of the Board of MediaNews Group,  which publishes 61 daily newspapers and over 100 non-daily publications in twelve states!   Dean was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis two decades ago, but has not let the illness stop his career aspirations, or his role as a husband, father and grandfather!

    And Clay Walker who I’m sure many of you have heard of!  (He’s been on FNC many times)   Clay was diagnosed with MS when he was just 26 years old, and at the time was a huge name in country music.   Like myself, Clay worried about how the diagnosis would affect his career if people found out.  But he continues to be a huge role model for others as he continues to make music, tour and be a father to his four kids and wonderful husband to his wife Jessica.  Clay has also formed a group Band Against MS, a not-for-profit charity organization dedicated to providing educational information for those living with MS and funding important research that may one day lead to a cure.  Here’s Clay with his wife Jessica along with me and Neera!

    And I also met this wonderful lady named Claudia Curry Hill  who was diagnosed with MS 25 years ago.   She serves on several non- profit boards, including the Nancy Davis Foundation for MS and the Colorado, Wyoming Chapter of the MS Society.   Claudia was the one who first approached me about the Race to Erase Gala, and boy am I glad she did!

    I met and talked with all of these incredible people who live with MS, lead by example and strive to raise awareness until we can finally find a cure for this chronic illness.  I feel so honored to know these people and call them my friends as we continue this journey together.

    As I mentioned, my girlfriend Neera (who I’ve known since High School) agreed to be my date for the event, and we decided to also make it a girls trip!  We went to dinner,  got massages, relaxed by the pool and had a wonderful vacation together.  Here are some of the pictures we took on our adventure:




    Special thanks to my wonderful husband and understanding boys Theodore and Matthew for letting me attend the event!   Boy did I miss everyone!  Glad to be back home, but am so thankful for the experience and the wonderful memories in California!


  • I'm Back!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone.

    I have lots of pictures from The Race to Erase MS Gala to show you, but I’ll leave that for a separate post.

    Thanks for keeping the blog active while I was gone.  I can see the spam is back full force.  I’ve addressed it with the dot come folks, and hopefully they can help.  I’m the only one that gets in there on a somewhat regular basis, and I delete when I can.  I know it’s frustrating. 

    And thank you for all your comments covering the weather in your area!  I thought that was fantastic!  I realize that this is called a “weather blog” but from the very beginning I wanted to share other stories/ideas from my every day life and some of the people I work with.    That is not going to change!

    So let’s start off with weather.  We had our first tropical storm of the season named Alberto off the southeast coast.   The tropical season officially begins June 1st, but it’s not unheard of to see storms form before then.  Alberto is almost gone, and is drifting off to sea.

    We have a slight risk for severe weather today across the Northern Plains and the southeast coast.    Strong winds and hail will be the primary risk, but an isolated tornado is not out of the question.

    And it’s hot hot hot across the Southwest where we could see some record highs today:

    Here in the northeast, it’s been pretty gloomy, and it’s going to continue to be somewhat unsettled heading into the long weekend.

    That’s it for now.  Let me know what it’s doing outside your window!

    I will post those pictures from Los Angeles this afternoon, so keep checking back!


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