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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    Last official day of February!  The countdown to spring is on…however, for the eastern half of the country temperatures are going to feel like winter is still kicking this weekend and next week.  We’re looking at the potential for another Northeast mid-week – but we’re still days away from that, so we’ll continue to keep an eye on it, and let you know if you need to be shovel-ready!

    Meanwhile, here’s a space for chatting.  A full update tomorrow!

    Have a great day!


  • The Plains get hammered again with winter

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone

    A very intense storm system is bringing blizzard conditions across the Plains and tornadoes to the Gulf Coast!

    Reports of 17 inches of snow for Amarillo and 10 foot snow drifts…the National Guard has been called out to help stranded motorists on the interstates that have been shut down.  Kansas City has declared a state of emergency for round 2 of heavy snow and winds through tonight.

    To have two snowstorms hit the same region in less than a week is almost unheard of for some of these cities and towns.  It’s going to take a while to dig out as temperatures are going to remain cold for the next several days.

    Here’s a look at the winter weather advisories/blizzard warnings:

    And the severe side of this storm could bring damaging tornadoes all across the Gulf though tomorrow morning:

    Here’s a look at the snow and rain totals over the next few days:

    Ultimately, this will help with the ongoing drought across the plains in the long term, but in the short term, this is a life threatening event!

    I’ll be here through tonight.  If you live in any of the states affected by this storm, please be safe and don’t go outside if you don’t have to!


  • The storms keep on coming...

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hello All!

    The winter storm that brought 18 inches of snow to  parts of the central Plains is now winding down, but we’re still seeing snow across the Midwest and Great Lakes.


    Here’s some pictures Jason Oldham took in Wichita, Kansas who received 14.2 inches of snow (the 2nd greatest 2 day snowfall total ever recorded!)

    The front associated with this system will stall out and bring heavy rain and the threat for thunderstorms across the Southeast…

    While the Northeast is watching another coastal Low that will develop over the weekend with a mix of rain and or snow.  Temperatures are warmer for coastal PA, NJ, NY so this will be a messy rain/wintry mix, ¦however for New England North and West of Boston there is the potential for accumulating snow totals.  


    Another storm from the Pacific moves into the Northwest with 1-2 feet of snow for the Cascades.  This system will dive south and move east bringing the possibility for more snow to areas that got hit from this last system (Nebraska/Kansas) into early next week!  Take a look at this map which shows a possible 6-12 inch swath!

    This has definitely been one heck of a winter!  I, for one, am looking forward to a little warmer weather on the horizon…I just am not sure when it’s going to come.  Unless we all move to Florida!

    Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Big storm set to rock the plains!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi All!

    We’re busy this week.  Another winter storm is getting its act together across the U.S., and this time much of the country will feel the effects of snow, wind, ice and the potential for severe weather including tornadoes.

    Here are the states under winter weather advisories:

    Parts of the Plains will see 18-24 inches of snow.  There is also the risk of ice across portion of northern Arkansas into Missouri and Oklahoma.  Ice storm warnings are posted here, but they could extend north and east though the day today.

    And here’s the risk for severe weather.  The highest potential for tornadoes will be tomorrow afternoon.

    And if that weren’t enough, we’re also tracking the possibility for another big Nor’easter this weekend hitting the SAME areas that got socked with 2-3 feet of snow a few weeks ago.  Winter ain’t over by a long shot.

    We’ll keep you posted!   Stay tuned!

  • 2 storms affect much of the U.S. and big news!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    It’s going to be a very busy week in the weather department.  We have blizzard conditions right now across the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest:

    And the threat for tornadoes over parts of Texas, Lousiana and Arkansas this evening:

    This is storm number one that will continue to push across the Central and Eastern U.S.

    Storm number two will be moving into the West tomorrow and then bringing rain, wind, heavy snow, ice and a bigger threat for Tornadoes midweek:

    Stay tuned for all the details…

    And incase you missed it, I was honored to help Megyn Kelly “deliver” her breaking news on Valentines Day!

    Check it out here:

    Take care everyone!


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