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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Historic El Reno Tornado

    Hello everyone

    The National Weather service has updated their survey of the El Reno tornado that killed 18 people:  An EF5 with winds of 296 mph.   Its width is the largest ever recorded.  Take a look at this monster:

    It is almost unimaginable.  The powerful winds are second only to the Moore, OK tornado back in 1999.  That tornado clocked winds of 301 mph.

    And unfortuntately, we have more strong to severe storms on the way today and tomorrow in some of the same hard hit areas:

    We’re not expecting any violent tornadoes like the ones we saw last Friday night, but the storms could just add more insult to injury.

    We are also watching the tropics this afternoon.  This area of low pressure could develop into a depression, or our first named storm of the season – Andrea:

    Even if this storm doesn’t develop, we’re still going to see a tremendous amount of rain for parts of Florida and the southeast through the weekend:

    We’ll keep watching from here and keep you aware.

    Meanwhile, I did an interview with Neil Cavuto yesterday about the Storm Chasers that died in the El Reno tornado.  It’s definitely sparking a lot of discussion which I think is a good thing.   My thoughts:   there are too many untrained storm spotters/chasers causing more harm than good on the roads during tornado season.    I’ll post that video shortly.  Stay tuned.

    Stay safe everyone!


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