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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Winter Storm Angry

    Hi All!

    As you know, I’ve decided to name the next few winter storms.  This one is winter storm Angry  (to co-inside with some of the tempers that are flaring with more snow in the forecast.  HA!)

    Now, it’s not all bad news in the weather department.   The storms in California are bringing much needed rain and snow: 

    While this won’t be a drought-buster, they’ve received almost as much rain as last year in just a matter of hours!

    Unfortunately, flooding and mudslides are a big threat with the potential for isolated tornadoes.  Flash flooding will occur across the burn and desert areas.  Up to two feet of  snow is possible over the mountains.

    Energy from the storm across the Southwest will bring a significant snow and ice storm over the Plains, Mississippi and Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, the Midatlantic and Northeast. 

    A wide swath of the country will see 6-12 inches of snow from this system, and accumulating ice in the areas you see shaded in pink:

    Sunday into Monday the Northeast/Midatlantic will get plowed by the Winter Storm (Angry) across the Plains. Significant snow is possible for NYC, Philly, and possibly D.C. 

    We’ll have to fine tune the forecast because as of this writing, the forecast models are showing the system moving a little more to the south which means areas south of NYC could get big snow totals.

    It will be a busy next few days in the weather center.  And tune in to Fox and Friends tomorrow morning if you can – I’ll be talking about the event I’m emceeing tomorrow for the MS Society!  Over a thousand people will be climbing 65 flights of stairs to bring awareness to the disease for the “Climb to the Top of Rockefeller Center”  Next week is MS Awareness week, so this is a great way to kick things off!

    Talk to you all tomorrow!


A.J. De Young

JD,I loved your Googlehangout with Greta it was so good, I didnt' want it to are a true inspiration to all and your boys are truly your angels watching over you..PJ sent me your tweets on the curvy couch and on top of the building outside, you get more beautiful inside and outside each day, love and fun just pour out of you.AJ

March 2, 2014 at 10:59 pm

Jeff Harry

Was -24 F in Skandia,MI this morning,and might be at least -20 F tomorrow morn. March is supposed to be colder than average. This is not good.

March 2, 2014 at 6:18 pm


Hi all. 47 and overcast here. I headed for the store to get veggies for stew and ended up buying a car instead. Never did get to the grocery store. My wife totaled her car last week (she's sore but OK). I went past a local car lot, saw a car like she had had except newer, looked at it, drove it, and had my mechanic check it out. Then I found the previous owner had left his name and phone # in car so we called him. Good comments and maint. history. Hope everyone is doing well. Sam

March 1, 2014 at 8:27 pm

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