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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Shannon Bream does not like snow...

    Hi everyone!

    I had a great moment on air with Shannon Bream this weekend when we were talking about this next winter storm.  Her reaction was priceless.  I saw her out of the corner of my eye in one of the monitors (since she is in D.C, and I only see myself in the camera), and the image says it all:

    Even though many of the big cities will escape this next system, just the mere thought of more snow has a lot of people putting their head in their hands!  So funny.  By the way, Shannon Bream is one of the nicest, sweetest, and smartest people on the planet.  I adore her.

    So, lets start with the good news.  We’ve got a nice warm up for much of the country today!

    This new storm will bring generally light snow across the Midwest, with moderate snow developing later tonight over the southern and eastern Great Lakes. 

    Winter Storm Warnings are posted tonight through tomorrow morning for the Chicago area, where 4-8” of snow is possible (and they could move into the top 3 spot for snowiest seasons on record!)

    Tomorrow through tomorrow night, the Northeast will see rain and rain/snow mix along the coast, where temperatures will remain too warm for all-snow.  

    The heavy snow will fall across the interior.  Winter Storm Watches and Warnings are in effect for Upstate NY and northern New England, where 1-2+ feet is possible.

    Meanwhile, a system across the Northern and Central Rockies will spread mountain snow across the region, where up to a foot is expected. 

    I think much of the country is ready for spring to officially kick in.  Am I right?   I certainly am!


Margie Gacki

Hey everyone! It's been slow on the blog lately. I hope everyone is having a good week. After a windy, cold day yesterday, we're supposed to get back up into the mid 50's. Wednesday was crazy. It was 63 degrees around 4:30 pm. When the front blew through, it dropped the temperature to 35 in about 3 hours. The wind was awful! It blew the other piece of soffit down from my roof that was damaged the last time we had wind that bad. Hoping to get it fixed soon. Take care, all. Margie

March 14, 2014 at 11:44 am


Shannon Breamd dislikes winter? So do I!! I think we were meant to be together. What a Babe!

March 12, 2014 at 9:48 pm


I see Greta had a thread on Gretawire about you and Shannon. Same picture. It was beautiful here on the coast today and looks good until Saturday at least. Time to toss out some grass seed and fertilizer on the yards. Not too much fertilizer though as it encourages the moss to grow. We thatched last year and took out a truckload of moss. Take care, stay safe. Sam

March 11, 2014 at 9:50 pm

Jim Groelke

Janice - I love your weather forecasts. I just wanted to point something out about everyones forecasts. In the Spring it seems that the forecasts for high temps run on the low side in the spring. In the fall they run just the opposite , they run high. I could be wrong but could it be that they forget that the sun is getting higher in the spring resulting in more direct sunlight. And jus the opposite in the fall. Thank you. Jim

March 11, 2014 at 7:18 pm

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