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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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Archive of the December 2016

  • New Years Eve forecast!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    I hope you’ll join us on Fox and Friends this morning.  We’ve got tons of fun on the way with National Bacon Day and they are sending me on location to Carnegie Deli for its last official day here in the city.

    Taking a look at our weather today through the weekend,  a winter storm is exiting New England but strong winds will bring issues with blowing snow and lake effect snow as well today and heading into the weekend.

    Showers and thunderstorms are also possible along the central Gulf Coast while temperatures will be seasonal for much of the country heading into New Years weekend.

    As for New Years weekend, weather conditions should be pretty calm for much of the country.

    A front moving over the eastern half of the country will bring some rain and snow, but all and all we’re not looking at a cold air outbreak or any major storms to impact celebrations including Times Square in NYC!

    Have a great weekend everyone!  See you in 2017!


  • Coastal storm to end 2016

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone!  We are ending the year with a coastal storm bringing heavy snow to Upstate New York and interior New England through Friday.

    Storm total accumulations of a foot or more are possible from the Adirondacks to western Maine

    Gusty winds will also accompany the storm making travel across much of the region hazardous and difficult.

    Meanwhile across the rest of the country, showers and thunderstorms will pop up from the Deep south to the Midatlantic.  And the Northwest remains active with another round of rain and mountain snow.

    Here’s a look at the New Year’s Eve forecast which thankfully won’t be affected by any big storms on Saturday night here in NYC!

    Here’s a peak at your daytime highs today across the U.S:

    Have a great day everyone.  I’ll have a complete New Years Eve update tomorrow morning.


  • Unseasonably warm for the East, new storm brewing?

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.   We pretty much stayed in pajamas much of the weekend -which was great!  And the boys made out very well in the presents department.  Unfortunately for many, we had some nasty travel weather over the last few days. The good news is that exiting storm system will bring rain along the east coast and some wintery weather for northern New England, but it shouldn’t cause too many problems.

    Warm temperatures ahead of the front will bring above average temperatures to the eastern seaboard while cooler air behind it moves in.

    Meanwhile a new system across the west will bring Heavy snow and strong winds will be possible through midweek.

    And we’ll have to watch the potential for a strong storm across the Northeast Thursday and Friday!

    See you on Fox and Friends!


  • Two storms impacting Holiday Travel

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hello everyone!

    Happy Eve before Christmas Eve!  We have a lot of weather to take a look at over the next couple of days as people travel to and from home.  Let’s get to it:

    Snow, freezing rain will be possible across the Central U.S. today as a fast moving system pushes through.

    Rain, heavy at times will move into the Mississippi, tennessee and Ohio valley.

    The next big system is moving into the West and will bring significant impacts from the Rockies and into the Plains this holiday weekend.

    Heavy snow, strong winds  could cause blizzard conditions over the Northern Plains while severe storms could break out over the Central and Southern Plains.

    Holiday travel will definitely be affected, so make sure you’re alert of all the latest weather news. Have a wonderful, safe Christmas everyone.  I’ll be back on Tuesday.


  • A First Day of Winter warm up?

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone.  We’ve got a quiet weather pattern for travellers over the next couple of days which is good news, however a busier weekend with snow, ice and possibly severe weather could be on the way.  We’ll keep you posted through the rest of the week.

    For now, temperatures are warming up for much of the country this first official day of winter.

    Look at the difference from yesterday morning:

    Here are your daytime highs:

    In the short term, a fast moving system will bring a quick burst of snow from the Northern Plains to New England tomorrow afternoon.

    A new storm coming from the Southwest will bring moisture to the plains Friday and we’ll watch a bigger storm Christmas eve that could bring snow ice and severe weather Christmas day.

    Taking a look at your white Christmas forecast, warm air will melt away a lot of the snow that we received over the last few weeks especially along the northeast coast, but for much of the interior west, snow will be on the ground from Northwester New Mexico up into Wyoming and Montana, east through the Dakotas, iowa, Minnesota and acros the great lakes through the interior northeast.

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