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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Heat, wildfires and severe storms today

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!  Happy Monday

    A lot going on today in the weather department.   We’ve got hot and humid conditions once again from the Mississippi River Valley to the East Coast.

    Heat indices of 100-110 degrees will be widespread.  Heat Warnings and Advisories remain in effect.

    A front moving into the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Ohio River Valley will spread a few strong storms across these regions this afternoon and evening.

    We’ve got a thunderstorm watch right now including Philadelphia where the DNC convention is going on:

    Damaging winds, some hail, and an isolated tornado is possible.  We’ll watch that.

    And wildfires will be an ongoing story for many weeks to come unfortunately.  We’ve got 28 large fires burning right now across the west:

    The Sand Fire in southern California has exploded overnight with high heat and gusty winds not helping firefighters in the region:

    We’ll monitor all of these stories throughout the day and keep you posted!

    Be safe everyone!


  • Dangerous heat for many

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!  Happy weekend.

    We’ve got dangerous heat impacting many states over the next few days:

    Temperatures will range from 5-15 degrees above average from the Southwest across the Plains to the Southeast and MidAtlantic.

    Daytime highs will surpass 100 for many with heat indices of 105-115 degrees.  It will be hot for the convention in Philadelphia on Monday before a cold front pushes through:

    Meanwhile, severe thunderstorms and flash flooding are possible across portions of the northern plains and Upper Midwest.

    And we’re watching tropical storm Darby in the Pacific that will make landfall across Hawaii in the next few hours.

    Strong winds and heavy rain will be the main threats from Darby.

    Be safe and stay cool everyone!


  • Hot hot hot

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone.

    The big story this week will be:  It’s summertime!  Heat will build across the Plains, Midwest, and Mississippi River Valley over the next few days:

    Then it will spread eastward by the end of the week.  Heat Advisories, Watches, and Warnings are posted.

    Isolated strong storms are possible across the Carolinas and Northern Plains today.

    Damaging winds and some hail are the primary threats.  Be safe everyone, and enjoy the rest of the week!


  • Strong to severe storms for the Midwest

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    Summer is here and we are feeling it for sure across much of the country.

    We do have a system across the Midwest and Mid/Upper Mississippi Valley that could bring the risk of strong to severe storms including large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes.

    Heavy rain will also increase the chance of flash flooding.

    Tomorrow’s risk will be across the eastern Great Lakes:

    Showers and thunderstorms will also pop up along the Gulf Coast and Southeast as well as the Southwest.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  • Strong to severe storms for the Midwest

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone.  Thanks for all the welcome back messages.  :)  I always love reading your comments on the blog.

    We’re watching a sluggish system across the Midwest  that will bring scattered strong storms to the region over the same areas today and tomorrow.

    Damaging winds, hail, and a few tornadoes are possible. With rain falling across the region for multiple days, flash flooding is also a concern.

    Slightly above average temperatures will combine with humid conditions to bring a few heat advisories from West Texas to eastern New Mexico, where heat indices of 100-110 degrees are expected.

    That’s about all for now.  I’ll have another update Thursday.  :)


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