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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Tough forecast for Hurricane Matthew

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone.  Here’s your Wednesday morning update on Hurricane Matthew:

    The Category 3 storm is moving away from Eastern Cuba and will strike the Bahamas today and tonight.

    Matthew is likely to have big impacts along the Southeast U.S. coast.  A hurricane warning has been issued for the east coast of Florida from Golden Beach, Florida, to Sebastian Inlet in Florida.

    A hurricane watch has also been issued north of Sebastian Inlet to the Flagler/Volusia county line in Florida. This includes Orlando, Florida.

    Matthew is forecast to strengthen again back to Cat 4 status as it moves through the Bahamas with the threat of a a storm surge of 10-15 feet.  Here’s a look at two of our reliable computer model forecasts:

    We are still forecasting a close call for the center of Matthew along Southeast coast, from Florida to North Carolina.  Florida will start to feel impacts tomorrow possibly through the weekend.

    How bad Matthew gets along the shoreline will depend on how close the center of Matthew moves near the southeastern states.

    It’s not out of the question to have hurricane-force winds coming ashore on the Florida East Coast.

    This is going to be a tough forecast in the next few days.  Any movement towards or away from the coast could mean the difference from a glancing blow to a direct hit.  We will continue to watch it, but if you live along the southeast coast, please pay close attention to your local officials and weather updates.


  • Matthew eyes the East Coast

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone.   We have a lot to cover with brand new information this morning on Hurricane Matthew.   Matthew maintaining its Catagory 4 strength this morning, and one of the storms we’ve had in the Atlantic in a decade.

    A catastrophic strike is happening right now across Haiti with the worst of the rain, winds and storm surge battering this very vulnerable country.   Over a foot of rainfall from Matthew may trigger life-threatening flash floods and mudslides. In Haiti, in particular, heavy rainfall could be catastrophic where they could locally see 40 inches of rain.

    The new piece of information we have this morning is the  hreat to Florida and the southeastern U.S. coast late this week has INCREASED greatly from this time yesterday.

    Tropical storm and/or hurricane watches are likely for portions of the Florida peninsula and Florida Keys later this morning.

    Late this week and into the weekend, portions of the coastal southeastern U.S. states will likely see impacts from Matthew.

    Interests from Florida to the coastal Carolinas should monitor the progress of Matthew very closely.  The current track has the storm coming very close to the east coast of Florida as a MAJOR hurricane (Cat 3)  and then maybe even a landfall across the Carolinas this weekend.  Take a look at two of our reliable forecast models coming into agreement right now for a possible impact to the southeast coast:

    We also cannot yet rule out a close call for the rest of the Northeast seaboard, including New England.

    Having said all of that, it’s still not certain how close Matthew’s center will pass near the northwest Bahamas later Thursday into Friday, and it’s still too early to say how big the danger/impact will be across the east coast.  Right now we have a decent chance of at least tropical storm force winds  near the coast of Florida, the Carolinas and southeast Virginia.

    Even if Matthew stays well to the east of Florida and the East Coast, dangerous swells, coastal flooding and beach erosion are likely all up and down the east coast this weekend.

    We will be updating you all week and into the weekend.  Be safe everyone!


  • All eyes are on Major Hurricane Matthew

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone.  Matthew is an intense, Category 4 hurricane churning in the central Caribbean Sea.  We are very concerned about this storm.

    Hurricane warnings are posted in Jamaica, Haiti, eastern Cuba and the southeast Bahamas.

    Matthew is expected to hit Haiti starting today with potentially catastrophic impacts for this very poor region that is still recovering from the 2010 earthquake.

    Cuba and Jamaica will also be impacted with heavy rain and strong winds.  After that the Bahamas need to watch Matthew’s destructive path.

    It is still unclear which parts of the U.S. may be in danger late this week and next weekend, but Florida to Maine need to keep a close eye on this storm.

    Even if Matthew stays well to the east of Florida and the East Coast, dangerous swells, coastal flooding and beach erosion are likely.

    We also cannot yet rule out a close call for the rest of the Northeast seaboard, including New England and even Atlantic Canada, into the following week.

    We’ll keep you up to date all week.  Be safe everyone.


  • Dangerous Hurricane Matthew

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone

    We are tracking Hurricane Matthew which is a dangerous category 4 storm that will threaten Jamaica, parts of Hispañola, eastern Cuba and the Bahamas through the weekend and into next week.  Matthew was a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 160 mph last night;  it is now the strongest storm we’ve had in the Atlantic basin in almost a decade.

    The track of Matthew is uncertain with one possible scenario coming close to Florida or the southeast next week.

    The other scenario is it remains offshore, but has Bermuda in its sight:

    And of course, there’s anywhere inbetween that forecast Matthew could end up.   What we do know is Matthew is likely to begin impacting parts of the central or southeastern Bahamas, or even the Florida East Coast by Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Here is the track of Matthew with great uncertainty as it makes its way into the Bahamas early next week:

    Even if Matthew stays off the East Coast, the threat of high waves,  coastal flooding, and beach erosion will be a risk all along the Eastern Seaboard.  The bottom line on this:  If you live anywhere from Florida to Maine, you need to pay close attention to Matthew’s path.


  • Tropical Storm Matthew needs to be watched...

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone

    A quick post regarding Tropical Storm Matthew which has just been named and is crossing the Windward Islands.  Sustained winds are at 60 mph hour, and this system will strengthen as it moves into the eastern Carribean:

    Matthew does have the potential to impact the U.S. next week depending on the path of the storm after it moves out of the Caribbean.  Here is the official track:

    Stay tuned…

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