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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Fox and Friends Christmas Special

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    Our Fox and Friends Christmas show airs tomorrow night.  Here’s a couple of pictures of what you can expect…

    Cooking with Nigella Lawson

    Cooking with Nigella Lawson. 




    Amy Grant

    Amy Grant & Matthew West.  Very cool people!





    Papa Briggs reads to the kids.

  • Get Home Fast

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    national_forecastA big, nasty storm is barreling down on the central strip of the country.  There are 4 threats from this storm.  1) Severe weather, including tornadoes are possible this afternoon across eastern TX and OK and western AR and LA.  2) Heavy rain across Arkansas up through Missouri will cause flooding. 3) Icing from Kansas, through southeast NE, much of Iowa, northern IL including Chicago and northern Indiana. 4) Major snow storm and blizzard across from western Oklahoma up through the Dakotas and east through Minnesota.

    The most dangerous is #3.  Ice builds on power lines and trees that fall on power lines, making for power outages.  Roads with ice are impossible to drive on and many of these roads will be covered by a layer of snow by Friday.   Track the storm on radar here, so you can have an idea of what is headed toward your area.

    It’s a slow mover also, so this storm will be with us today, tomorrow and on Christmas Day.   So get home now if you can!  And be safe!

  • Welcome to Brandon

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor
    Brandon Noriega

    Brandon Noriega

    Brandon Noriega is our outstanding meteorologist/weather producer here at Fox News.  He’s going to be contributing to my blog giving great forecasts and extra weather information.

    Brandon and I have similar backgrounds.  We were both born and raised in Arizona, me in the mountains, him in the desert.   We also both lived in Atlanta.   Then we finally meet in New York City doing weather.  Small world!

  • Happy Winter Solstice

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    wintersolstice2Today’s the first day of astronomical winter.  My favorite part about that, is that the days start getting longer now.  Meteorological seasons are different.  Winter is considered December, January and February…the months with the coldest temperatures.  So if you’re not a fan of winter weather, we’re already 21 days done with it!  Do you have any solstice traditions?

  • Blizzard 09..Storm Totals

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    {VignetteVideo id=”B283B254D51E406422B25B180FBB3F64″ width=”375″ autoplay=”off” aspectratio=”1.77″ assettitl=”Blizzard+09+Recap” }

    So we’ve had two blockbuster blizzards across the US in the last two weeks.   This one blasted the east coast.  Check out some of the storm totals…I gotta say…VERY impressive.   So how much snow did you get?  Did you like it/love it/hate it?

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