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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • A warm up for the East, more rain/snow for the West

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist
    We’ve got a pretty quiet day for much of the country.  The Northwest and Northern California remain active with snow and rain today and tomorrow
    Scattered showers and storms will develop from the Gulf Coast up into the East coast with mainly rain as a cold front pushes in.
    Temperatures across most of the country will be above average through the weekend, with cooler air returning to the Midwest and East next week.
    Here’s a look at your National Forecast:
    Have a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday.
  • Active weather across the West, a warm up for the East

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone!

    We’ve got a fairly quiet weather set up today for the most part.  Temperatures are cold but not crazy cold.

    We do have an active weather pattern across the West where Winter Storm Warnings remain in effect for the Sierra and Cascades

    Heavy snow and rain will continue across the Northwest and Northern California through the end of the week.

    Temperatures across the Plains and Midwest will be well above average today and Friday, expanding to the East Coast by the weekend.

    Hope to see you on Fox and Friends for more updates!

    Have a great day everyone.


  • Blizzard warnings for the Plains/Midwest

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good Monday morning everyone.  We’ve got a blizzard underway this morning for parts of the Plains/Upper Midwest and Great Lakes.

    Blizzard warnings are up where heavy snow and gusty winds will make travel difficult if not impossible.

    Some areas could get over a foot of new snow as the system moves east.

    Farther south, rain and thunderstorms will be the story across the Mississippi, Tennessee  and Ohio Valleys.

    This storm will move in the Northeast tomorrow, but will mainly result in rain because of the warmer than average temperatures.

    Meanwhile,  heavy rain and mountain snowfall will also continue from northern California into the Pacific Northwest:

    Have a great day everyone.  See you on Fox and Friends!


  • A welcome warm up on the way for the East!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone.  Happy Friday!

    A pattern change is happening across the country with a big warm up for the eastern half of the country.   We’re already feeling it this morning:

    The West is now starting to see another active pattern with a series of storms bringing  locally heavy rain, and feet of snow.  Winds could gust upwards of 75 miles per hour.

    Some of that energy will spread wintry weather and blustery winds over the Plains and Upper Midwest.

    Blizzard conditions could be possible while across the southern plains, the windy conditions will increase fire weather danger.

    Meanwhile, before the thaw and the big melt, take a look at this snow map.  We have snow in ALL 50 states – something that hasn’t happened in 8 years.  And yes, even Hawaii has snow on Mauna Key on the Big Island.

    Here’s a look at today’s highs across the country:

    Enjoy the weekend everyone.  See you on Fox and Friends!


  • Clipper brings snow and cold from Texas to Maine

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Good morning everyone.  Happy Wednesday.

    We’ve got another impressive snow maker across the South again. Reports of snow from Coastal Texas through the Florida Panhandle all the way up into Maine.

    The snow will taper off by midday, with afternoon snow showers lingering across eastern New England.

    For the Northeast, rain and mixing will occur near the coast, keeping snow totals lower in these areas.

    Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories remain in effect inland.

    Temperatures across the entire South, from Texas to the Southeast, will see temperatures 15 to 25 degrees below average today, but rebounding to near average by Friday.

    Meanwhile, rain and snow continues across the Northwest as yet another system approaches from the Pacific, then moves onshore Thursday.  Here’s a look at your National forecast:

    Have a great day everyone.  See you on Fox and Friends!


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