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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • This week's "Power Player" is...

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Look who was in town for election coverage…

    And guess what Chris Wallace was reading between his reports on Fox News?  :)

    These are some of my favorite Freddy pictures so far!  :)   Get out and vote everyone!


  • Election weather: Not an excuse to get out and vote!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

  • First snow of the season, Election weather, Halloween fun and extra sleep!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi All!

    It’s been a very busy week.  Let’s get to it!

    We’ve got storms on both coasts that will bring rain wind and accumulating snow.  Over a foot of snow has already fallen across the mountains of North Carolina!   Many cities had their earliest snowfall with record breaking low temperatures.

    Wind chills will be in the 20s and 30s overnight with freeze warnings in effect for many southern states.

    A coastal storm off the Northeast will bring strong winds, rain and heavy snow for parts of New England through tomorrow.

    Meanwhile,  across the west, much needed rain and mountain snow will help the drought stricken state of California.

    This storm will be the weather maker next week as it makes its way across the central u.s.

    A look ahead to election day Tuesday, a storm system will bring rain and thunderstorms from the Lower Great Lakes down into Texas.  We’re not looking at severe weather that day, but isolated thunderstorms could delay voters out to the polls. Clouds, rain and drizzle will be in the forecast for the West as well  from Northern California to Washington state.

    And don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight for some extra zzzzzzzzz’s!

    In other news, here’s some fun pictures of my little superheros yesterday, and we had so much fun last week on Fox and Friends weekend dressed up as the Flintstones!

  • Open Blog

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    Happy “Hump Day”!

    I’ll post some fun Halloween pictures tomorrow from Fox and Friends weekend (we were the Flintstones!).  I’m off today running around doing errands, but wanted to check in and give you a space to chat!


  • Fun with Fox and Friends Weekend!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    I had a great time on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning.  Here are some of the pictures with my amazing new friends!  (Many of whom are Freddy the Frogcaster fans!)

    Thanks to Chef Rodney Murillo, Culinary Director of Davio’s here in Manhattan for coming to talk about yummy pumpkin dishes!

    Tomorrow we’ll be wearing some Halloween costumes, so that should make things interesting…

    Taking a look at the weather maps, we have a quiet weekend of weather for much of the country.   The Pacific Northwest will be unsettled for the next few days as a storm off the Pacific brings several rounds of rain wind and mountain snow.

    Well above average temperatures for the Plains and Deep south with widespread 80s and some cities in Texas and Oklahoma getting into the 90s which could set some record highs!

    And the East coast is improving as last week’s Nor’easter finally exits the coast.

    Have a great weekend everyone.  See you back early on Fox and Friends tomorrow!



    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi All!

    Back on Saturday with Fox and Friends, an I hear we might be wearing Halloween costumes so tune in (Any suggestions for the gang? :) have a great weekend everyone!


  • Honoring Weather Woman Shirley Clark!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    I just had to post these pictures that Samantha Sager sent me of her mom Shirley Clark.  Shirley became the very first on-air weather woman at the ABC Affiliate WZZM TV Channel 13 in Grand Rapids Michigan.  According to Samantha, Shirley went in to apply for a receptionist job, and ended up with her own daytime talk show and became the station’s first female weather girl – circa 1963!!  She was a part of broadcast history, AND raised three wonderful kids at the SAME TIME!  You’re my hero, Shirley!

    Of course, Shirley only watches Fox News Channel now!  :)   And, Shirley, you are always welcome to come and do weather with me here in NYC! xo


  • From the tropics to a Nor'easter?

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hello everyone!

    We’ve got another busy weekend of weather.  Bermuda has had two strong tropical systems move directly over the Island in less than a week which is incredible.   Residents will be cleaning up again after Hurricane Gonzalo’s  landfall last night as a strong Category 2 hurricane.

    Wind gusts as high as 127 mph were reported.  Gonzalo will brush Newfoundland, then become non-tropical over the next day or so.  The remnants and moisture will cause windy and rainy conditions for the UK early next week.

    In the Central Pacific, the core of Hurricane Ana is remaining southwest of the Hawaiian islands, but is still spreading heavy rain, wind gusts over 40mph, and heavy surf across the islands through tomorrow.

    Along the southern coast of Mexico, Tropical Storm Trudy quickly formed and is already moving inland.  Heavy rain and potential mudslides are the primary concerns.

    Cooler temperatures will move into the Northeast tonight and Sunday, bringing the Northeast rain showers, and even some wet snow showers to the Adirondacks and higher elevations of northern New England on Sunday, and believe it or not we could see an early season Nor’easter off the Northeast Coast this week bringing gusty winds, rain and even some snow!

    Yikes! We’ll keep an eye on it, of course.

    Have a wonderful weekend all!


  • Severe storms for another day and here comes Gonzalo and Ana

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone

    A busy week in weather with a few stories we’re watching.

    We had dozens of reports of severe weather yesterday including tornadoes for parts of the South and across the Mississippi Valley.

    The threat for strong storms has shifted over the southeast, the southern Appalachians, and southern Mid-Atlantic.  Damaging wind gusts are the primary threat, however a few tornadoes are also possible, especially across the Carolinas:

    An intensifying Hurricane Gonzalo is pulling away from the Virgin Islands this morning and will move into the open Atlantic later today.  Gonzalo will not impact the U.S. or the Bahamas, but Bermuda will need to monitor the system by Friday-Saturday:

    We are also monitoring Tropical Storm Ana in the Pacific which could impact Hawaii over the weekend:

    Hope you’re all doing well!  It feels like summertime across the Northeast today, so I’m going to get out and do some “weather research” in the next few minutes!  If you’re in an area impacted by severe storms, please be safe this afternoon…


  • Typhoons, Cyclones and Severe weather alert!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone

    We’ve got a lot to cover in the weather department this week.  The big headline heading into  Columbus Day will be the severe weather outbreak that will begin overnight and last through Tuesday as a powerful storm emerges from the Rockies and makes its way across the Plains and Mississippi Valley.

    Today’s threat of severe is across the Central and Southern Plains with  heavy rain, large hail and damaging winds.

    Overnight tonight and into Monday and Tuesday from Texas through the Mississippi Valley, the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys and the Gulf Coast States strong to severe storms could threaten millions of people.  Along with hail, damaging winds and flooding rain we could have several tornadoes.

    In the tropics, Tropical storm Faye pounded Bermuda as a strong tropical storm with 70 mph winds, heavy rain and battering surf overnight.  The storm is quickly moving Northeast away from land.

    Typhoon Vongfong continues to weaken and is now a tropical storm moving over Japan.  Flash flooding and mudslides are possible with winds of 45 mph for Tokyo this week:

    In India, Cyclone Hud Hud is down to an equivalent of a Cat 3 Hurricane and was up to 120 mph when the storm hit land.  The system is weakening, but potentially life threatening flooding and winds will continue to batter the area.

    Another full update tomorrow…


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