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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Look out for severe storms across the Northeast

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    Plenty of weather to talk about this afternoon, so let’s get to it…

    Severe storms are developing ahead of a cold front across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and stretching back toward Kentucky this afternoon and evening.

    The best chance for severe storms will include the I-95 corridor and Northeast Coast, from D.C. to Boston.

    Hail, strong winds, and a few tornadoes are possible.  Flash flooding may also occur with heavier downpours.    A few strong storms with large hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes will also develop across the High Plains, from northeastern Colorado to eastern Montana.

    Temperatures from the Mid-Atlantic and Carolinas into the Southeast will again be 5-15 degrees above average today.

    Highs across the Desert Southwest will also be 5-15 degrees above average, and Excessive Heat Warnings remain posted.

    Be safe everyone!


  • Severe storms, First Day of Summer and Father's Day!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    We’ve got quite a bit of weather to talk about, so let’s get to that first.

    Strong to severe storms are possible across the Northern plains and Mid Mississippi valley as well as parts of the Ohio Valley through the central Appalachians

    Tomorrow we’ll watch the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes:

    And on Tuesday, the threat moves east across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic back into the Ohio Valley:

    The first day of Summer arrived this afternoon, and the temperatures sure do agree!

    The southeast continues to bake this week:

    And Excessive heat warnings continues across the Southwest with highs 109-114, heat indices soaring to 120 degrees!

    Today is Father’s Day, and I feel so lucky to be married to Sean who takes such good care of my boys.  I must’ve done something right to have such an amazing family!

    And I’m also thinking of my own dad who gave me incredible career advice when I was very young.  He said “Janice Anne, find something you most love to do when it comes to work. It will bring you great happiness in life.”

    I know he was proud of all my accomplishments, but thankfully, he was also able to see that the most fulfilling part of my life is being a mother to his grandsons.

    I miss you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.

    Thanks to all you wonderful Dads out there.  Hope you have a special Day.



    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Happy Father’s Day to all you #1 Dads out there!


  • Tropical Storm Bill

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone

    I’m working the early shift this week, so if you’re up tune into Fox and Friends to say Hi!

    We’re watching Tropical Storm Bill this week which formed last night in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.  It’s now moving onshore along the central Texas Gulf Coast:

    Heavy rainfall and flooding will be the primary concern across eastern Texas and into the Plains over the next few days.

    Widespread 4-8″ is likely from Texas into Oklahoma, with isolated amounts over 12″ possible.  Isolated, brief tornadoes are also possible as the system moves inland today.

    Isolated damaging wind gusts and some hail are possible with strong storms from the Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys, to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast today.

    A better chance for larger hail, damaging winds, and isolated tornadoes exists from the Northern Rockies into the Northern Plains.

    Meanwhile, excessive Heat Warnings and Watches are posted across the Desert Southwest as afternoon highs will be 105 to 115 degrees over the next several days!

    Talk to you again tomorrow!  Be safe all…


  • Severe storms and more flooding for the Plains

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    I had a great time this week in Raleigh for the AMS Annual Broadcast Meteorologists meeting.  If you want to see a bunch of pictures, you can check out my Facebook and twitter page.  I made lots of great new friends.

    Back at the weather wall today, and we have a risk for strong to severe storms over parts of the Plains and Midwest. Large hail and damaging wind gusts will be the primary threats.

    Heavy rainfall could also lead to flash flood potential, especially from western Oklahoma into southeast Kansas.

    Tomorrow a stronger risk of severe storms will spread across the Midwest and into the Midatlantic/Northeast.

    Above average temperatures are making it feel like summer across the Eastern Third of the US.  (No complaints though after the cold and snowy winter we had!)

    And, Hurricane Carlos will hug the west coast of mexico moving up towards Baja later this week.

    Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend, and we’ll see you Monday!


  • Hurricane Katrina: 10 years later

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi All!

    I’m in Raleigh for a panel with the American Meteorological Society to talk about Hurricane Katrina as we remember that storm 10 years ago this August.  It will be streaming live at the AMS website at 4:15 ET.  Would love if you could join us.

  • Hurricane Katrina: 10 years later live panel with AMS

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    I’m off to Raleigh for the 43rd Conference on Broadcast Meteorology for the American Meteorological Society.  I’ll be moderating a panel of experts about what we’ve learned 10 years later after Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the Gulf Coast.  Here’s a sample of what we’ll be talking about:

    I’d love to have you join us Wednesday June 10th at 4:30 pm ET.  For details, you can click HERE

    Talk to you later this week,


  • Triple Crown Winner!

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi All!

    It was a late night and an early morning, but what a ride it was.  American Pharoah won the Triple Crown at Belmont, and I was there to witness history.  I still can’t believe it.  Here are some of the pics of a day many will  never forget…


  • Help! Which hat do I wear to the Belmont Stakes tomorrow?

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi All!

    I’m on Fox and Friends Weekend tomorrow reporting live from the Belmont Stakes where we might have our first Triple Crown since 1978 if American Pharaoh wins!  So excited!

    But on to more pressing issues.  Which hat should I wear, bloggers??  The red or the white/gold one?

    Thank you for your attention to this very important matter! :)

    See you tomorrow!


  • Flooding concerns for the Northeast, Hurricane season begins

    Janice Dean | Meteorologist

    Hi everyone!

    It’s a rainy, cool day here in NYC.  Temperatures feel more like April instead of the first few days of June!

    Across the country, severe storms with large hail, damaging winds, and a few tornadoes will develop later today and tonight across the Northern Plains and Northern Rockies.

    Tomorrow there will be more severe weather and a better chance for tornadoes across Wyoming, northeastern Colorado, southwestern Nebraska, and northwestern Kansas.

    Rain will continue across the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and coastal Northeast through tonight.

    More localized flash flooding is possible with heavier downpours.

    We are officially into the Atlantic Hurricane Season.  All is quiet so far, however in the Eastern Pacific,  Tropical Storm Blanca will intensify into a hurricane later this week.

    Blanca will likely be near the southern Baja of Mexico by late this weekend.

    I hope you all have a great rest of the week!  I’ll check in later this week to say Hello!


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