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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Decent Rain & Snow on the West Coast

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    A pretty good winter storm is bringing wind, rain and higher elevation snow to California, Oregon and Washington.  It’s starting out as a relatively warm storm so snow levels will be around 5,500 feet in California and lower to around 4,500 feet by tomorrow.

    But check out this article about people evacuating the coast as some cliffs crumble.  I’m always dumbfounded how people can be surprised that building your home on a cliff has some inherent dangers.

  • Weekend Outlook, Getting ready for Fox and Friends

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    Some pretty crazy weather continues across parts of the country. Washington and Oregon have been pounded this week with flooding rains, heavy snow with avalanche threats and a few dams in precarious positions. Saturday will bring a brief break, before another system comes in on Saturday night. Areas of the northern plains have been enjoying crazy warm temps again…but it looks like that will change this week as the storm moving into the pacific northwest will arrive in the the Dakotas by Monday night/Tuesday bringing some winter and snow.

    Thanksgiving travel coming up…It doesn’t look that bad on Wednesday, except around the great lakes….wind, cold, rain and snow…always means travel delays. Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit all seeing a few problems, but I have to say, it could be much worse. This won’t be a powerhouse storm by any means.

    But things look to get interesting about 8-10 days from now, with some cold air hitting a lot of the eastern 2/3 of the country…I say get out and enjoy the mild conditions now if you can…It won’t last!

    More coming on Fox and Friends in the morning.

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