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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Another Big Snowstorm

    Brandon Noriega | 

    The Mid-Atlantic is preparing for another major snow event, similar to that of late December.  Widespread snowfall accumulations of 12-18″ are expected across northern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and for central and southern New Jersey.  Locally up to 24″ is possible where heavier snow bands set up.  Winter Storm Warnings are already in effect for much of the region and now Blizzard Warnings have been issued for Southeast NJ and much of Delaware in anticipation of blowing snow reducing visibilities to 1/4 mile.  The Hydrological Prediction Center makes probabilistic forecasts of snowfall, and in this case is predicting a 70% of 12+” snow inside the red circle below during just that 24 hour period.


  • Snow Wrap Up

    Brandon Noriega | 

    While ice certainly created headaches from Texas to the Carolinas last week and into the weekend, a size-able amount of snow fell to the north off all that ice.  Below are some totals from Arkansas to Virginia, where Richmond received just under a foot of snow and even Virginia Beach was blanketed in more than half a foot! 


  • Prescott, AZ Snowman

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    My friend Susie sent this to me of her daughter’s snowman.  This last week brought a series of rain-snow-rain-snow storms.  I’m thinking this snowman looks more like a crested saguaro, which if you’ve been to Arizona you’ve possibly seen these.  The Crested Saguaro is one of the most beautiful sights in the Sonora Desert.  It’s actually a rare mutation that occurs in the Saguaro cactus.  I’ve only found two of them while backcountry hiking in the Arizona desert and it is the coolest thing!  Anyway, I think there’s a similarity here.  :) PrescottSnowman


  • Got plans to ski in California or Arizona?

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    SKIIf you do, good news.  Check out these snow totals from this week’s storms.  This was an impressive week obviously, and I know there’s been a lot of damage.  But if you are a ski operator, you are counting your blessings right now!

  • Decent Rain & Snow on the West Coast

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor

    A pretty good winter storm is bringing wind, rain and higher elevation snow to California, Oregon and Washington.  It’s starting out as a relatively warm storm so snow levels will be around 5,500 feet in California and lower to around 4,500 feet by tomorrow.

    But check out this article about people evacuating the coast as some cliffs crumble.  I’m always dumbfounded how people can be surprised that building your home on a cliff has some inherent dangers.

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