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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Blockbuster Storm Begins

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor
    Southwest getting pummeled

    Southwest getting pummeled

    This is shaping up to be a blockbuster storm for the Four Corners states…. And they need it.  Most of the southwest is in an ongoing drought and the entire state of Arizona is under some level of drought.  In the longer term picture, a big snow storm is one of the best things that can happen as snowmelt seeps into the ground slowly and doesn’t just run off the top of the ground.  Snow levels will be around 6,ooo feet today, dropping to 4,000 feet tonight.  A lot of northern and eastern Arizona will see Keep Reading…

  • First snow...For many of us

    Rick Reichmuth | Editor


    So not many of us would think that Houston would get snow before the northeast, but the weather world is ALWAYS wacky.  That’s the norm and that’s what makes it interesting.  Good time for people to get out and get their Christmas trees, which is what’s happening around the corner from my place!

    Accuweather iPhone

    So here’s what it’s like in NYC right now, with the first snow of the season.  Huge goose feather flakes, as my mom would always say.  For those of you with an iPhone, I’ve got to say…the Accuweather app is really good.  It’s easy, got all the info you want quickly, and it’s got the best pictures to represent the current conditions.  The “rain” one is my favorite, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing how they depict “snow”.  Not bad!

    I’m getting excited about this week….there’s a big storm about to move into southern California and then the four corners.  This is a typical “el nino” pattern with a lot of moisture in the southern tier of the US.  Blizzard watches have been posted for southern Utah and Colorado and winter storm watches in AZ above 5000 feet.  That includes my hometown Prescott, which gets people very excited there.  So Monday/Tuesday will be a wintery mess in the four corners!  This is a good thing, they always need the moisture, and the ski resorts are already behind.

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